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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Farmer Suicides in Vidarbha

There is neither any sweetness in this post, nor any light. My manifesto does proclaim that I will try to stay away from controversial topics, and the reason I am posting this particular post is that the topic is not controversial enough - at least not in the mainstream media as I know (and avoid) it.

P. Sainath is a journalist I eminently respect. That, however, should not be a criterion for anyone reading him up. Check out the link below, and if you find it "interesting" - for lack of a better word, may be you will be sufficiently motivated to check for other articles by Sainath on the Hindu website. There are many on farmers' suicides, in A.P. and in Vidarbha, dating back from early 2000s.


Incidentally, I first noticed Sainath and his writings some time around 2001 when he shocked and moved me to tears of frustration by pointing out in one of his articles the reason behind increase in death of farmers in A.P. due to snake-bites, and how it was linked to the much hailed power reforms in the state. It seems the power to start the irrigation pump sets would be available only in the dark hours of the morning (say 2 a.m.), which meant the farmer would have to get up and go to his field to start the pump in that darkness. And that explains the snake bites.

This post is not a tirade against government policies or capitalism or reforms. I believe I am too ignorant to really talk about these. But may be we can pause for a while, just be aware of what we have, and be thankful about it. And if we can, may be do something?


At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Keya said...

Farmer suicides have been an issue for times dating back to 2000..i might be wrong in that ...but guess I became aware about them around taht time. Well, u talk to nayone about A.P...all u will haer about is the way Chandrababu Naidu turned Hydeabad ..to 'jazzy' city...Beleive me I am not against modernisation that but somewhere we lose out on our priorities. Food Corporation of India was exporting foodgrains ...but could not distribute it in these areas....well...I guess the problem that we face today is of individualism....if any event has not hampered my life why should I be bothered....and this school of thought is scary.....
BTW guees u already have ...but if not pls reda ..Sainath's - Everybody Loves a Good Drought


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